Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunday Night Potluck

Washington, DC has a reputation as a transient city.  People come and go, a quick stop in the long journey of their career.  Luckily, after almost 5 years in the city, I've been on the positive side of this trend and have been fortunate to have loads of friends join me.  When I first moved to DC back in 2008, I had just three acquaintances here, but due to lots of convincing a little luck, I've had a number of good friends relocate here.  In addition to luring friends to DC, I've also made some of my closest friends during my time here.  We have an awesome group and are SO good at making plans for fun activities. 

Unfortunately, last summer began the negative side of this flux of people in my social circle and people began leaving for grad school, campaigns, and to be closer to family.  Everyone is doing such amazing stuff that you can't be anything but happy for them, but it's just not the same in DC without them!

This past week my friend Aubrey was back in DC, on spring break from Oxford.  It was so nice to have everyone back together, so I had everyone over for a potluck dinner.  I made roasted garlic hummus with veggies, Quinoa Sweet Potato Fritters, and Juicy Orange Vanilla Cake. It was a great way to catch up, drink some wine, and share a delicious meal.  We ended with a [rousing] game of Cranium.  The perfect way to end the weekend.


Kayla @ Home Coming said...

Such a cute post, and look at your straight hair!!! Miss you tons.

Rachel said...

Thank you! I'm trying to branch out a bit :) Miss you too, hope all is well in MN!

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